Cedar Ridge High School Lacrosse program. Students from both Cedar Ridge and Stoney Point High Schools come together to form one program. This is the site for all information Raiders Lacrosse. Cedar Ridge Raiders Lacrosse, Raiders Lax


Who can play for Cedar Ridge High School Lacrosse Club?

9-12 grade young men attending Cedar Ridge or Stony Point High School.  (For girls lacrosse, please see link on our home page).


What teams are fielded by Cedar Ridge High School Lacrosse Club?

Historically we have a Varsity and JV team.  The number of teams and level of team depends on the number of registered players, their grade level and skill level.


Does my son need to try out for the team?

If you register, your son will be on a team.  Team placement will be determined by skill level, but all players are given an opportunity to play.  Merit builds with time.


My son has never played before; how can he try it out?

There will be intro clinics offered for interested new players.


Is it too late for my son to learn the sport?

It’s never too late! Your athlete will be expected to work hard,  but will get plenty of support.  Evert player was new once.  There are some great first year success stories. Often times a first year players are key contributors to the team’s success.


Is lacrosse considered a school sport?

We are a club team sponsored by Cedar Ridge High School and all our players are from Cedar Ridge and Stony Point High School.  PE credit can be issued based on lacrosse participation.

What are requirements for participation?

All players must have a RRISD physical completed by a medical professional and undergo concussion testing offered by the Cedar Ridge High School Lacrosse Club.  Students will follow the No Pass, No Play guidelines, as well as follow the Student Code of Conduct for both RRISD and the club. There are also club dues that will need to be paid prior to play and you will need to provide equipment.

When does lacrosse season begin?

Season starts in January and runs through May.  Expect to participate in fall practices and a few pre-season, fall/winter tournaments.


When does practice start and how often is it?

Fall practice will start shortly after the school year begins; averaging 2-3 practices a week.  More practice may be added leading up to scheduled tournaments. After winter break, we are in full swing and the practice schedule will intensify. The schedule varies from year to year based on field availability and coaching, but players will be expected to make the commitment as with any other sport to a rigorous practice regimen.  Practices are in the evenings, with the exception of Saturday, and are on average an hour and half to two hours.  Our home practice field is at Cedar Ridge HS.  We do have some alternate practice locations in close proximity.


When are games?

Typically, teams play two games a week. Generally, Wednesday and Saturday, but that can vary in some instances.


Who do we play?

Other local high school programs for District play; but our schedule sometimes includes in-state programs such as Houston, Dallas or San Antonio teams.


Is there travel required?

Local travel and possibly in-state travel for tournament play.  Transportation, lodging and costs associated with travel are player/player family responsibility.


When and how can I register?

Registration for Spring will open in September and it can be done through our website. You will also be able to register for any fall intro clinics through our site’s registration page.


Why is registration so early for a Spring sport?

For those not playing fall sports, you will begin practice in the fall as well as pre-season tournament play.  Additionally, we plan and begin solidifying spring game schedules through the fall. We need to know how many players we will have when considering game schedules.


What are the costs associated with registering?

Lacrosse can be pricey at first glance; but it offers a lot for your money!  Fair warning, if your son tries it, he will love it. So, it does become an investment.

Lacrosse is not a UIL sanctioned sport, therefore those fees are allocated to cover items the school district would pay otherwise. That includes coaches compensation; US Lacrosse membership; fall and spring practices; league dues; referee costs; team equipment; tournament fees; uniform fees; and any requisite field costs. Registration costs for upcoming Spring season will range from $800. 

There is a $200 deposit due with registration; payment plans are available for balances remaining and we do offer ways for you to recoup some of those fees throughout the season.  As we do run fall and spring, it is a 9 month program so that averages out to just over $100 per month.


When does my registration have to be paid in full?

Registrations must be paid in full before your son can play in a scrimmage or game. However, no player should be prevented from playing due to economic circumstances. Special hardship situations can be reviewed by the Cedar Ridge Lacrosse Board for partial and full scholarships.


What equipment do players need?

A matte black team lacrosse helmet, gloves, chest/shoulder pads, elbow pads, mouth piece, cup (optional), and a stick. Lacrosse head must be 2010 compliant under NCAA rules.  Required team helmet is ordered through the club at players cost.

Most of these items can be found locally at Dick’s, Academy or Lacrosse Unlimited.  Play it Again Sports and craigslist can also be a great resource.  On-line options are:  sportstop.comlacrosseunlimited.com and lacrossemonkey.com


Is there a No Pass/No Play Policy for high school players?
Yes.  While lacrosse is not UIL, we follow UIL guidelines regarding No Pass/No Play for all high school players.


Can I still letter as a lacrosse player?

Yes, as a Varsity player under specific guidelines as set forth by the Club and coaching staff.


What if I play other sports?

Mulit-sport athletes are encouraged to develop their skills and abilities through other sports.  Coaches are flexible during off-season and considerate of those athletes committed to other athletic activities.  The only sports with directly conflicting seasons will be baseball and soccer.


Is there of Code of Conduct for players?

 Yes.  Every high school and youth player must abide by our Code of Conduct which addresses behavior both on and off the playing field.  It also addresses the use of alcohol and other controlled substances for players.  There are penalties for violating the Code of Conduct and will be addressed by the coaching staff, Board of Directors and the Parents.  Parents are also expected to act in accordance with a Code of Conduct.

Are parents required to volunteer?

Yes, all parents are asked and highly encouraged to volunteer throughout the season. There are many opportunities available including field set up/tear down, announcing, score keeping, penalty timer, concessions, fundraising, sponsorship, etc.  We are all expected to do our part to support the livelihood of the team and foster the growth of our Club.

What is US Lacrosse?

US Lacrosse is the governing body for lacrosse in the United States.  The Texas High School Lacrosse League requires all high school players to be a member in order to play.  US Lacrosse provides insurance coverage for your son while involved in all lacrosse activities (secondary to primary coverage). There are other player benefits associated with your US Lacrosse membership.  There is a link on our home page to US Lacrosse if you would like to learn more.